About US

Hello Dear customers – we are pleased to introduce our company “Eco Log House”. We are engaged in the production, installation and construction of wooden houses from 2000 to the present. The wide range of Eco Log House includes wooden houses for permanent and seasonal residence, bungalows and villas, saunas and spas, hotels, restaurants, tourist complexes and recreation centers, ski resorts and campgrounds.

We have 20 years of experience in the construction of wooden houses. Eco Log House started its activity in Ukraine. Dozens of wooden houses have been built by us both in Ukraine and abroad.

We build wooden houses in Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, Germany. For many years, our company has been building prestigious wooden houses that are classics, while maintaining their individuality, combining environmental friendliness, comfort, prestige, unique beauty and respecting the spirit of modernity. We have mastered all the technologies for the construction of wooden houses existing in the world and we are ready to satisfy any client’s request. We have extensive experience in the construction of houses from solid wood.

The following materials can be used for the walls: a processed trunk of any geometric profile. We build our wooden houses from natural high-quality wood growing on the territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians (European spruce, pine). Thanks to this, wooden houses built by Eco Log House are of high quality, have enviable strength and durability. Our international company employs experienced professional craftsmen, therefore our construction services are only at the highest level. Evidence of this is the numerous houses created by our hands, and the reviews of satisfied customers with whom we were lucky to work.

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